SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is unquestionably the most important and effective strategy in order to have a SUCCESSFUL website blogging campaign. However, you must be careful to implement this strategy in the right way so that you generate satisfying results. Through utilizing the main tips and techniques of SEO rightly, Google’s algorithms will lead your online business, website or blog to rank higher and higher each and every day!

   You can of course hear many SEO myths, which can help you improve your website’s optimization; However, you should be fully aware that the below mistakes can ruin the entirety of your efforts whenever you decide to get the page’s ranking going up so soon using those ways and tricks. Please check this blog post to avoid all those creepy SEO mistakes:

   1. Links Buying

   It is a too risky technique to boost up your website by buying more links that are already popular. Paid links from a novice SEO company can ruin all of your online efforts in a single moment. Google WILL punish you in no time! You might question Google’s ability of tracking your online activities? Right? Goggle has search engine special teams and bots designed specifically to find you if you earn many paid links at a time. Nevertheless, there is a way to get those links in a secure way, and if you need help you can consult our expert team members. Above all, you need to be patient and smart to boost your website manually.

   2. Plagiarized and Duplicated Online Content

   Many bloggers are just continually posting useless and repetitive content on their site or blog. Search engines will surely punish if you use any plagiarized content. Plus using the same keywords with rewritten content will not add any value to your website. Your content must be unique, interesting and fresh to create the best possible impression for rank in the SEPRs.

   3. Running after PageRank

   No doubt, PageRank is an important factor in order to bring more visitors and customers to your online business. But many bloggers think that is the only way to make a blog successful. The truth is that this is counted by half in hundred for the search engine page rankings. There are many other factors like ROI, analytics, relevancy, etc.

   4. Automated Title Tags

   Most bloggers do not care for the title tags though this is a very important part of SEO. The title tags should be of less than 60 characters and must be keyword optimized as well.

   5. Focusing on Design & Forgetting the Content

   There are many website owners, who have shallow knowledge of the main steps and techniques of SEO and consequently they focus on the design and the colorful images only. This will lead the website pages to be loaded slowly and in return, your website will lose the potential visitors. Even more, many website owners and bloggers sacrifice the quality of their content in exchange for the flashy video clips or sounds! Using this strategy will make bar for the search engine bots to report a good loading page for your site.

   In this post, we have collected some SEO tips and tricks for you. And we are currently working on adding more very soon in the next post. So, stay tuned for more and subscribe to our website in social media pages to stay updated with our latest content.

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