For our potential customers and the regular visitors to our website, we have collected the rest of the mistakes that can ruin all your online efforts. Following the previous post – Part 1 – we are going to discuss the rest of the unnecessary techniques that’ll destroy your website and hinder your online success.

    6. Free Hosting Blogs Use

    Any online entrepreneur can get some blog services from free hostings. TypePad, Blogger and many other free hostings will give you an excellent platform. However, they will not allow you to install new themes, extensions and other important plugins for achieving great SEO results. Therefore, it’s recommended that you purchase a cheap hosting plan and register your personal domain.

    7. Keyword Stuffing

    Common stuffing is a viral, unrecognized mistake in the SEO world, though it is unethical and it may decrease your search engine rankings. Try to make new pages for each keyword selected to get better SEO results. Avoid duplicates and hidden texts and instead create useful, reliable pages.

    8. Short Content

    Many blogs and websites nowadays are suffering from short content. In this website, we do not prefer to submit any article under 350 words. Short content posts can annoy some readers, and it will definitely lead to bad SEO results.

    9. Doing SEO Wrongly

    One can find many different tips and techniques to apply SEO on his website, but you must be acquainted with the general rules first. In link building, for example, one may link their posts on the front page only, but he should also do the same with the most popular blog posts.

    10. ALT Tag Using

    Though Google does not give emphasis on the ALT tags, Yahoo, Bing, AOL do that. So in case of image renaming, you should put a keyword of your post in the image name. For example, for a community empowerment blog, rename the picture with “community-pic” at least.

    There are of course other, innumerable SEO mistakes, which are done regularly by beginners and novice website owners. There might be broken 404 pages, errors in the content, sitemap not updating, etc. Plus unorganized content of any post will surely distract your potential reader. This will lead your overall experience in the wrong direction. Consequently, avoiding the mistakes mentioned above can indeed help beginners, online entrepreneurs, website and blog owners to improve their online presence with the right SEO.

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